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Polyethylene Foam insulation that prevents condensation Steel Sheet


Colored Steel Sheet

Advanced state-of-the-art roofing materials / Beautiful colors and design

The best long-lived construction materials and used in a long time, which can be used rustproof steel and color steel.

Model : V-115

Advantages of Product(제품의 장점)

1. It has a long shelf life by using Galvalume and colored steel sheets that are long-lasting without becoming rusty.

2. As the product is light and installable using one sheet from the roof ridge to eaves without an intermediate joint, it can reduce the construction time.

3. Colored steel sheets offer a variety of color options.

4. The company's polyethylene foam-based insulated steel sheets do not have the polyethylene foam detached from the steel sheets and cause no phenomenon of dew formation due to their insulation effect.


※( ) is when using the material with a width of 1,219mm

This product is widely used for the roofs and walls of relatively larger buildings than general houses, such as large factories, warehouses, stables, and gymnasiums. As the construction regulations for E.P.S sandwich panels, which are controversial due to the potential risk of fire, are implemented in each local government, their demand is also increasing. To prevent the dew condensation phenomenon that can occur in case of using the panels as a roofing material, polyethylene foam-based insulated steel sheets are drawing a lot of attention from customers.


  • B22

  • EO5

  • N52

  • G/L(Galvalume)

  • G42

  • Wood-grain

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