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CEO's Greetings

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Welcome to JASCO

JASCO STEEL ROOFING TILE covers the world's roof

Since its foundation, Jung Ang Steel Co., Inc has aimed to be a domestic and global leader in the production and technology of roofing materials. We have a variety of products including Stone Chip Coated Steel ROOFING TILE and roll forming panels in various corrugated patterns.

These products are the fruit of our efforts to identify market demands and develop advanced products. We understand that the refinement of the product's exterior is not enough for us to survive in the fierce competition of the global market. The favorable evaluation on our products is the results of our research and development efforts that pays close attention to every process from production to construction.

To meet the request of the times that "Companies can survive only by living up to the demands of consumers', we are going to make constant efforts to complete comprehensive construction material manufacturing technologies through technical development and research.

We are going to do our best to produce high quality products out of our gratefulness for all customers who have frequently used our products and our resolution to repay their support.

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